Fiona is a Chartered Accountant and the Founder of Green Outlook

At Green Outlook Fiona promotes sustainable living and sells a growing range of plastic free and natural products for the body, home and on the go.

“It was while travelling in 2018 that I became increasingly conscious of how our daily lifestyle choices impact the environment. When I returned home, I switched up my diet, cut out fast fashion and tried to be more conscious in my consumer habits. I established Green Outlook in 2019 to provide inspiration for others to reduce their environmental impact”

Whether you’re trying to become more sustainable or are no stranger to zero waste, Green Outlook has something that will suit you. The product range includes safety razors, body soap bars, shampoo bars, natural deodorants, reusable cosmetic wipes, lip balms, hand creams, menstrual products, bee wraps, reusable straws, cups and more.

Fiona selects suppliers and products based on their ethos, production process, packaging and ingredients. Green Outlook is proud to support a number of Irish suppliers.

Through Green Outlook, Fiona works with businesses to engage their employees on their personal sustainability journey as part of the company’s sustainability initiative. She provides tailored corporate talks in the area of sustainability as well as a Green Outlook pop up shop and corporate gifting services of Irish plastic free products.

Find out more at or @greenoutlook_ie on Instagram and @outlookgreen on Twitter

Green Outlook

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