Hazel Katherine Larkin studied Theatre before leaving for the UK when she was 19. At 20, she moved even further afield – to Singapore. She spent the next 12 years in Asia before returning (reluctantly) to Ireland, with her daughters. She also returned to education, and now holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology and Sociology; an MA in Sexuality Studies; and an LLM in International Human Rights Law, from Queen’s University in Belfast. In 2015, her memoir – Gullible Travels – was published. It explores the long-term effects of being raised by a narcissistic mother, a psychopathic father, and being sexually abused by her father, elder brothers, and others, as well as being a victim of sex trafficking. Hazel is currently a doctoral student at Dublin City University, where her research is focused on transgenerational trauma with specific regard to Irish women, and child sexual. In addition, she runs workshops for parents who were sexually abused as children; daughters of narcissistic mothers; healthcare professionals and others interested in trauma-informed practice.

Hazel Katherine Larkin


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