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Irene’s professional background is diverse she worked in international sales and marketing for many years. Irene trained to be a humanistic counsellor and is accredited to the IACP

In 2010 Irene established Nurture a unique nationwide charity offering immediate counselling. Nurture supports women and partner’s mental health:  Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Perimenopause and Menopause related health issues. Nurture Health works with 32 accredited IACP counsellors.  

In 2015 Irene successfully won Social Entrepreneurs Ireland ‘For Impact’ award, an extremely prestigious award with significant investment in Irene as an Entrepreneur both financially and professionally. Irene attended SEI’s business programme from 2015- 2017. Irene’s acceptance speech

In 2018 Nurture charity lost their HSE funding thus, the charity had to wind up its support services.  In 2019 Nurture became an independent organisation – Nurture Health. Nurture Health is partnered with the major Irish health insurance companies. Clients can be re reimbursed 80% of their overall counselling costs. To date Nurture has counselled over 12,000 women and 4,500 partners since 2010.      

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