A self-publishing author has just completed the second of four novels, Turmoil, Darkness (Light and Hope to follow 2022/23).  These novels detail the everyday realities of life from the early dark days of The Troubles in the ’70s through to the Good Friday Peace Agreement in April 1998.

The first volume of Jane Buckley’s Stones Corner Turmoil has garnered rave reviews following its February 2021 release. First-time author, Jane self-published after her manuscript was turned down by UK agents ‘wary’ of the subject matter.

Says Jane: “Some blatantly admitted, ‘Never have, never will have anything to do with the Troubles in Northern Ireland, good luck!’ I had to get published – somehow – and so I took a considerable risk. I cashed in some of my pension, ordered 2,000 copies of Turmoil, and developed my paperback ordering platform.  It allows me to sign my books and manage the whole printing and distribution process – which I love.”

Jane adds: “Living in Derry in the ‘70s wasn’t easy for any of us. It didn’t get much better as an Irishwoman living in London in the 80s and ‘90s. One of my greatest frustrations was the lack of understanding from the people I met of why The Troubles began or continued over the decades. Some were particularly biased in their views by what they’d heard or read in the media – sadly, some still are.”

Jane feels committed to helping readers from all over the globe learn more about The Troubles with her series of moving historically based novels.  As ‘factional books’, the stories cover many issues encountered by both sides of the sectarian divide, including conflict, cruelty, divided loyalties, strong family ties, gallow humour and star-crossed

“I’d never written anything like it in my life, but I knew I had to see it in its completed form. I’ve received terrific reviews for Turmoil, and many readers have ordered the second volume, Darkness. My goal is to write stories that will inform not just the younger generation but people from all over the world through historically based fiction. I hope they read and gain a better understanding of what it was like to live through those difficult days from
both sides of the divide. I want everyone to know we are proud, not just as people, but as a country in the way we have evolved for the benefit of all following The Troubles.”  

Jane is ‘determined’ to promote and spread the word of her novels to change the perception of Northern Ireland. “I’ve friends from England and other parts of the world, who’d never been to the North before and who admitted they were afraid to travel here, now visit. The problem is since they’ve been, they keep coming back! They love it!”

After researching and then writing Darkness, I found it challenging to remain objective. As a
result, Darkness, like Turmoil, has proved to be a realistic tale based on actual events.

A taste of Turmoil Reviews:

“I would highly recommend reading this book to anyone who lived through “The Troubles,” in Northern Ireland, or whose parents did, or anyone else with interest in Irish History, or even anyone who also likes a GOOD THRILLER. Although the book is fictional, it is very historically accurate & an addictive read.”

“Loved it! Shows what life in Derry at one of the worst times in its history was like for all who lived there.  I can’t wait to read the follow-up!”

“Great read; enjoyed all the characters; it all felt so real descriptions of the people, places scenes totally fantastic. Can’t wait for the second book to come out eagerly waiting to find out the next chapters. 10 out of 10”

“I would highly recommend this novel to anyone. It was absolutely thrilling, gripping and often hard-hitting. I have always loved visiting Ireland and Northern Ireland in particular. But as an English lady born and, bred I never really understood what the Troubles were all about. I really do believe that this novel has given me a much greater insight as to what was happening in Northern Ireland during that period. And my goodness, it was both shocking and brutal.”


A Catholic girl from the Bogside and the Protestant heir to a prominent local employer. Caitlin believes their love can overcome the triple obstacles of politics, class, and faith in her youthful innocence. Meanwhile, Robert, newly recruited to British undercover forces, is closing in on a terrorist strike in the heart of the city centre. In the backdrop are two opposing psychopaths set on the same destructive and violent path and one that can only conclude in nothing but a tumultuous and fateful encounter.

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Darkness follows the next instalment from author Jane Buckley’s Stones Corner, Turmoil. In the early ’70s, considered the darkest years of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, it reveals the catastrophic fall-out from the doomed Derry City Hotel meeting.

The impact of the disaster follows the lives of so many, from the wealthy, vibrant James Henderson to the love-struck factory girl Caitlin McLaughlin and her family.

The guerrilla war in the province rages as it extends to mainland Britain and the Irish Republic.  Darkness takes us from the dank hellhole of the overpopulated Victorian Armagh Women’s Gaol to London’s lavish, opulent private clubs.

An unmerciful and harrowing tale, it endeavours to illustrate what life was like for Ulster’s war-torn, sectarian communities. It captures a story of conflict, survival of the fittest, and victims who attempt to live and love against a background of chaos and carnage.

Hope is deemed lost and forgotten until the power of love, truth, and justice steps in to create Light and a new beginning.

Available on Kindle; Stones Corner Darkness
Find Jane on Instagram @janebuckley_writes
Facebook jane buckley writes author
Twitter: @janebuckley_sc
ISBN: 9781914225598
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
Book size: 416 pages
RRP £12.99 Euros 14.99. Kindle £7.99
Contact: 0044 (0) 7885763911 or [email protected]


Jane Buckley was born in Derry/ Londonderry, Northern Ireland, in the late 60s and is the author of the Stones Corner Volume 1, Turmoil. Like many of her generation, she had to leave to find work elsewhere. At the naïve age of 17, she moved to London, where she lived and worked for over twenty-five years before moving to Nice, France.

Along with her husband John (born in Cork, Ireland), they finally returned home in 2017 and lived in Donegal. They love it but had forgotten how unpredictable the weather is!

Since Jane lived predominantly in London throughout the awful time that is known as “The Troubles”, it was apparent then – and still is today – that not all the facts of the horrific events in Ulster – perpetrated on every side by the warring factions – were presented in an accurate and unbiased way. This was especially true in mainland Britain.

Over recent years, the couple recognised that many of the people they’d been fortunate enough to meet on their travels worldwide didn’t understand why or how the conflict here in the North of Ireland began and why it continued for three decades. Jane found this particularly frustrating and decided to take it upon herself to inform them and others by writing a historical fiction series based on her own childhood experiences and around events from this horrific period in Ireland’s history.

She says writing was a frightening project at first, given she’d never written anything substantial before but, being Jane, she’d write not just one novel, but a quartet, hence Turmoil, Darkness, Light and Hope!

Jane believes that we need to move on from “The Troubles” as a country while never forgetting how and why they occurred. In recognition of the hardship and suffering endured by so many of our friends, family, and neighbours, we should continue to embrace the healing and reconciliation process.

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Volume 2, Stones Corner: Darkness is available to pre-order. Expected release date 24th September 2021.

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