I set-up my award-winning company KIH Products in 2013 after designing the KIH Bed – a Pregnancy Cushion used by Massage Therapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors to enable clients to lay on their bellies at variable stages of pregnancy, in 2011 when I was heavily pregnant. I had also embarked on a Law Degree when I fell pregnant in 2011 and once I graduated in 2016 I published Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit to Amazon to help others help themselves move forward in a positive way. (free on kindle unlimited). I am also a confidante, and offer complete discretion for high profile Single Mums who want to connect via KIH Holistics. Whilst I had worked full time age 15-35 my world changed when I became a single mum in 2012. Moving from paid employment and home ownership onto income support and rental property gave me a painful insight into how bad I would be made to feel for claiming those contributions and being a tenant.

Desperate to continue my love of working but also desperate to be a full-time mum started a long and painful journey of fighting for family and financial independence. Whilst I continually attempted to find work in sync with school that paid a decent wage, this proved very difficult. My journey has taught me more than I ever wanted to know and now I have set up the SMBN to connect and support other hard-working single mums. The primary objective of the SMBN is to help you gain exposure to your business. We concentrate on driving traffic to our members pages, so that you are seen. The secondary objective is to reduce stigma and dispel misconceptions that single mums are work shy. It is my passion to raise awareness of the real issue being that work is not in sync with school and wages are not in sync with inflation. Until those two things harmonise the SMBN will help you by increasing exposure to your business.

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