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Karen O’Donnell, creator of inner GPS system, helps clients find their purpose and life the life they truly deserve. A former European HR Officer for a Middle Eastern company, Karen diversified her work and followed her interest in personal development and emotional intelligence. She spent over a decade studying counselling skills with Maynooth College along with a variety of coaching modalities. Karen runs her thriving business from her home in Wicklow where she lives with her husband and 3 children. Karen’s Transformational Coaching programs incorporated her background in HR as well as her varied coaching courses. Karen assists clients in uncovering and clearing out ‘limiting belief’ roadblocks that are encountered along our journey in life. Karen has a keen sense of justice and passion for people stepping out of their own shadow and empowering them to live the life they were born to lead. Karen is also an award-winning speaker and has merged her coaching skills with public speaking to bring interactive sessions to groups in a various communities. Groups including the women in the Dochas Centre, Women’s prison in Dublin, students in primary, secondary and also in 3rd level education. Karen has provided workshops within the corporate setting also.

Karen has featured in several publications including: networkshe; thought-leadership Top Consultant; Western Morning News; Western Daily Press; family friendly working; the entrepreneur investor and executive secretary. She has also spoken as a professional speaker at Galway Ten Ten Talks, and internationally at Toastmasters international. Karen helps clients navigate through the roadblocks in life, assist them in finding their voice and changing their narrative, so as they can live the live they were destined to live. Karen offers her varied coaching programs online, in her book and also in person. Karen is in the business of possibilities, of assisting you in materialising your goals through the inner GPS system. Let Karen help you ‘Stand out when you Speak Up’. On a personal note, Karen loves connecting with people especially over a nice meal.


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