Hello! This is Laura from ‘Lovely Things’ here.
So, I am originally from Waterford, living in Dublin and am a parent of 3 young kids who are always on the go and growing far too fast.  When our youngest, Grace, was born nearly 3 years ago, I was feeding her early into the morning when I half watched a horrible video of waves of plastic washing up on the shore of a faraway beach. The next day, I was sure it was a sleep deprived dream but I checked my phone and, sure enough, it was real. It was in that moment, looking at my new baby, that I decided that I would try and figure out what changes I could make to do my small part to help in the challenges in the environment all around us.

At the start, I felt totally overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start. Then I had a real light bulb moment as I tried to wedge yet another lovely new outfit into my kids’ wardrobes. I realised that so many of these clothes were not worn at all or worn once, twice or maybe a handful of times and thought, ‘what am I doing?’ These could be passed on to other kids who would could wear them and look cute, cool, adorable, awesome or amazing and have a real impact on the world around my family and community by reducing our waste and our environmental footprint.
I started to buy preloved clothes from other parents and they were such lovely things! The quality, range and value were brilliant but I found it very time consuming. Selling our preloved kid’s clothes was a lot of work but I loved sending the packages off to other parents where our preloved would be re-loved and be enjoyed again (and again).

I just wished that sustainable clothes shopping was easier and the idea of ‘Lovely Things’ was born. ‘Lovely Things’ is just that – an ethical, quality focussed, reliable, Irish family business who would not sell clothes that they would not dress their own kids in. Lovely Things takes the hassle out of a more sustainable way of dressing our kids in beautiful quality clothes.

Check out our website www.lovelythings.ie, find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Lovely-Things-109636847522201 on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lovelythingsbylaura/ and on Twitter @LovelyThings_ie

Who are we?
Lovely Things is a new family business who are passionate about sustainability, quality and service. As parents ourselves, we want to create a hassle-free way to buy beautiful, quality preloved clothes for kids aged 0-12 in Ireland.

Lovely Things is quality focussed, reliable and ethical. If we wouldn’t dress our own kids in it, we won’t sell it, if it creates waste, we won’t do it and we will never, ever use plastic to send anything to you.

What do we do?
Lovely Things offer a ‘one stop shop’ selling excellent quality and brilliant value preloved clothes from all your favourite kids’ brands. Everything is sustainably sourced in Ireland.

Lovely Things provide a hassle-free service to purchase your great quality kids’ clothes. This offers a return on your investment and frees up your valuable space. By selling to Lovely Things you know you are part of a circular economy to extend the life of kids’ clothing, reduce its carbon footprint and support an Irish business.

Who are our clients?
You! Anyone who buys great quality clothes for kids aged 0-12 in Ireland. That means parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends of anyone who has had a baby – basically anyone!

Do Lovely Things accept donations as well as buying clothes from you?
Yes! We are delighted to accept donations of great quality kids’ clothing. We will have a full Social Responsibility Programme. Lovely Things support 3 great Irish charities and voluntary groups in respect of donated items sold by us through our donation commitment. We will be announcing the full details of our programme and donation commitment later in 2020. If you would like to be added to our mailing list or have a query about selling your great quality kids’ clothes, please complete the contact form and we will be in touch with you.

Lovely Things

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