Hi I’m Lynne Ward. An experienced fitness professional, qualified nutritionist, creator of Pepper Hustle FIT and all round passionate person. I am also co-founder of Pepper Hustle, a company which provides exciting programs that help today’s women gain control of their lives and happiness through a simple combination of consistent healthy eating, easy exercise and most importantly mindful activity that helps you to make the right choices. My passion is to contribute to today’s health and fitness industry in a positive, uplifting and supportive way. To remove the toxic behaviours that many people have suffered from and to dispel that you only feel good if you are a certain dress size. I contribute by showing you the importance of movement for your health and that every little counts in an easy and uncomplicated way.

I help people to re-wire the way they look at health and fitness. I want to show you that you can FEEL good, and that FEELING isn’t a clothes size, it’s not something you can hold in your hands. Is it something much greater than that. Taking care of your body changes everything in your life. How you function, how happy you are within your relationships, how productive you are in the workplace but most importantly how you deal with the every-day struggles that surround you. We have a duty of care to ourselves, to look after ourselves. So that we can live a fuller life. A life free of guilt, stress and overwhelm. At Pepper Hustle we are helping women all over the world achieve just that. Join the Revolution and Hustle Yourself Happy.

Pepper Hustle

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