Hi, My name is Mairead Molloy. I am originally from Wexford. I have lived in Cannes France for the last 25 years and work as a relationship Psychologist.

I originally moved to Cannes, as I bought a hotel here having studied Hotel Mgmt in Dublin. After I sold the hotel, I went to London where I studied Psychology and International Criminal Law and then begin to work with relationships, ( no connections with law and relationships – I just enjoy the work) I continued my studies and trained as a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders as I found a correlation within our personal relationships, diet and nutrition and how they are affected by our lifestyle choices.

About my work..

I have expert knowledge in human relationships, in particular the know-how and skills to ask the right questions, hear the answers and so get to the heart of each person I see.

If things go wrong and you need a helping hand and a sympathetic ear, or you simply need to share, then that is where I come in. I will talk to you one-on-one, in complete confidence, and I will listen to what you say. More important, I will hear what you don’t say too. That is the benefit of experience.

I help all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. If you are in a new relationship, a long-term relationship, or not in a relationship at the moment, have a family issue etc, I can support you through the journey, from major relationship crisis to smaller issues that are holding you back or making you unhappy.

​Thank you for reading my bio. Mairead.

Mairead Molloy Psychologist


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