Marina Murphy Healy

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My name is Marina, I’m from and live in Co Mayo, Ireland, and I founded BabyBoss and created and designed the patented design and solution driven two part baby vest The ‘twosie’. The Twosie comes with 1 top and 2 bottom parts and is 100% organic. I am a mum of 1 girl, Anna Lily.

She is the reason that has made me see this project through to the very end.

A ‘lightbulb’ moment led me to create The ‘Twosie’, when I had to change Anna Lily 4 times in one hour due to a tummy bug, which also meant I had to remove all her clothes each time to remove the vest, where it was only the bottom part of the vest that was wet each time, which was very stressful for Anna Lily as was lethargic and unsettled. This lead me to search online for a two-part baby vest, but to no avail, this is how the ‘Twosie’ was born. Our ethos at BabyBoss is to make parents lives easier.

BabyBoss – The Twosie

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