Michelle is a transformational leader, healer, empath, channel, and guide here to help and support people through the process of healing themselves and help them, bring their magic to those blessed enough to cross their paths. It is her belief that joy, peace, freedom and world harmony begin with the self, our individual connections, relationships and communication.  Clearly she was a hippy in a past life and while some say she still wears those rose tinted glasses, Michelle insists on always seeing the best in everyone she meets and her willingness to believe the kindness in us all, makes her a considerate listener and heart centered advisor. An extensive 20+ year career in sales and marketing, a qualified wedding/events planner, a holistic practitioner offering Reiki Seichem, Nutrition Consultancy, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Readings, Psychic Medium, Meditation Teacher and most recently one of the founders and presenters of the UK’s first dedicated wellbeing radio station, Serenity Radio.

Serenity Radio


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