Michelle O’ Gorman

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My name is Michelle O’ Gorman and I specialise in spirit, mind, and body sessions for those struggling with food, body image and weight issues, including over-eating, anorexia, bulimia, disordered eating and obesity. I have a unique insight into eating disorders, having firsthand experience, and my own journey brought me on the passionate road to helping others. I bring to each session my own experience of recovery and much more. I focus on four levels of recovery…..

Four Levels to Recovery

• Emotional level – Teaching a person to get in contact with their feelings and start to express them in a healthy way.

• Physical level – How to feel comfortable in your own body.

• Mental level -Bring awareness and clarity to your thoughts, assumptions, attitudes and beliefs, which may be barriers to recovery.

• Spiritual level – Learning your own self-worth, you will learn your own connection to your own power/source.

Talk to me today on 086 020 5172 and break destructive patterns with innovative therapies.

Specialist in Eating Disorders, & Weight Management

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