‘Miri’ runs Miriam Kilmurry Services specialising in public speaking, voice coaching, TV presenting and corporate language training. In 1986 Miri found herself working in Paris delivering corporate language training to high powered business executives such as the Artistic Director of the Paris Opera House, lawyers, space engineers, bankers and all at the tender age of 21 years. From there her career enabled her to live and work in Africa (Nigeria), Egypt, Spain, the United Kingdom and finally back home to Ireland in 2005, the year she also turned 40.

Now came the hard part. Taking her hard earned experience back home brought no end of problems and age discrimination. The glass ceiling hit hard, particularly in the last 10 years, a reality facing countless other Irish women who in the 1980s were encouraged to ‘go away and come back with a language’ only to find themselves ignored. But ‘Miri’ persevered and today works as a consultant to companies and schools in Ireland and abroad.

Miri trained as a TV presenter with Glen Kinsey of Positiv Productions and will be hosting her own Saturday show from July. She is author of two books, ‘Eire’s WWI War Poet: F.E. Ledwidge’ and her family’s biographical memoir ‘Tehran Calling’ published under her maiden name Boylan O’Gara.

Her message to women is keep persevering and definitely keep in touch with your network. No matter how tempted, ‘never give up.’ Miriam Kilmurry Miriam Kilmurry Services

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