Ms Moira Dunne

Coach, Member_directory | 0 comments is a productivity consultancy based in Dublin. I help people boost their Productivity and Time Management skills so that they:

• Feel less stressed at the end of the day

• Get more done

• Are happy about their contribution

I started in 2017 in response to increasing stress and ‘busyness’ in the workplace. I researched and developed a set of Productivity and Time Management tips, skills & techniques to help people take back control of their work day and get the most important things done. Through Seminars, Training & Coaching I have worked with many businesses and individuals to help them make real changes.

Previously career includes training and consulting in Project Management, Change Management, Process Improvement, Learning & Development during a business career in the Pharmaceutical, IT, Regulatory and Financial Services sectors in Ireland, UK and US. I am passionate about enabling organisations and their people so they can improve engagement, performance, productivity and wellness.

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