My initial years while studying were spent learning all aspects of business from my dad who was self employed with a staff of over 300. I always say everyone has a story, my dad died at 69 on the operating table while under going a triple bypass. Yes he was stressed but it was a tablet for a tablet etc. My qualifications are in business development, strength and conditioning and nutrition and health. Preventative, proactive healthcare is the way of the future through digi-health platforms, health screening and education and empowerment. Health and Fitness Ireland was established 4 months after dad died.

Health and Fitness Ireland is now Ireland’s leading mental and physical health education company in schools and clubs. Health and Wellness International was established last year as many of the corporates we are partnered with have a large number of staff working globally. HAWI is a Global Proactive Corporate Health and Wellness Company. We now have a team of 30 highly qualified and experienced staff that include psychotherapists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, sports scientists, nutritionists, neuromuscular therapists and metabolic health technicians. At HAWI we protect the health of your company i.e. Structural Health, (company) Physical Health (company & employee) Mental Health (employee)

To say we are passionate about the world of proactive health is an understatement. The HAWI/HFI world is an amazing one that creates and supports realistic change to the mental and physical health of people of all ages. This in turn makes people more present at work, school, home or in sport, thus of course making their world and yours more productive and profitable in many ways.

Health and Wellness International

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