Nicole’s entrepreneurial story began in Jan 2016 when her younger brother Alex went to a house party in Cork City and ingested a synthetic substance and subsequently died 4 days later. She gave up her career as a Marine & Plant Engineer to come home and build Alex’s Adventure. An EdTech company that specialises in a suite of drug education solutions including developing a brand-new “Build Your Own ED-Venture” e-learning programme. Being the worlds first adaptable drug education programme it aims to not only help students learn more about substance misuse but also to upskill teachers and empower them to be able to do what she can do.

Nicole is 28 years old and holds various academic qualifications in the engineering, training and addiction field and has won several awards including Humanitarian of the Year 2018 and Best Start Up 2019. One of many of Nicole’s passions is storytelling, and she works with entrepreneurs to help them harness the powers of their stories through their lived experiences. Nicole also works with multinational corporate companies to help both companies and employees find their inner resilience and strengthen their teams.

Alex’s Adventure Ltd.


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