I am an experienced Social Media Specialist with a depth of experience working in many markets online both in the UK and internationally.  With a passion for designing and implementing thought provoking and engaging Social Media Strategies that engage the audience while building trust and creating those all important client relationships, I have an unique ability to give a company or brand a personality online is one of my greatest strengths. The reason ‘social’ media is called ‘social’ it is about engaging from your audience and after all people buy from people. I have recently started two business Twitter hours in the UK and November 2020 is my anniversary month of 3 years in Business.

I have been told I have an amazing ability to target my audience to reflect the sector I am  working in. I am known for my personable messages on LinkedIn that help generate ‘REAL’ leads. I research and write content on many topics.  I am based in Great Malvern in the UK, my skillset includes LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, with very strong Media, Writing and Communication skills.

Sadie Skipworth Social Media



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