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I am passionate about helping people to find ways to improve their health and wellness by taking simple steps to care for themselves! My focus is on Colon Hydrotherapy, Holistic Massage and Cupping Massage. My own journey from poor health to thriving has influenced how I work and the treatments I do. I started because I wanted whatever I did with my day to make a difference to at least 1 person. Having come from a financial services background this was distinctly lacking in my daily work. Colon Hydrotherapy was a revelation to me after years of sorting out my health, it was the final piece in the puzzle to help resolve my gut issues! I love it and want to spread the word far and wide about how much it can help others and how simply it works! Massage allows me to help others connect in with how they are really feeling and tune into their self-care choices to create ongoing improvements in their day to day health! I am now moving into the field of training and am the official RICTAT, Colon Hydrotherapy Training Ireland. This is how I hope to spread the benefits of Colonics throughout Ireland. Sarah Helping you be your best self!

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