Hi Ppl! I’m Zara, Head of Information at Hippl, I focus on writing, editing and research for businesses in the health, social care and wellness industries. Along with my co-founder and talented sister Lala, we create engaging and accessible content and websites. We are a dynamic team able to support on all aspects of digital and printed content from web and graphic design to writing blog posts, managing website content and preparing papers for peer-reviewed medical journals. We are serious about science, excited about innovation, earnest about accessibility and joyful in collaboration.

As a medical doctor, senior clinical writer, editor and researcher who has worked in South Africa, United Kingdom and Ireland, I have a global understanding of the needs of health and wellness industries to clearly communicate health information. It is essential that health and social care providers have the right information to support decisions, which is why I have spent the last 15 years working on clinical decision-support products, clinical guidelines and peer-reviewed medical publications. One of my greatest goals is to help improve health literacy within communities. The understanding of health-related information is fundamental to people improving their health and well-being and healing from illness. My work on patient information leaflets, wellness blogs and health website content provides educational, accessible and entertaining reading.

We want people to be well and happy, so we do good projects for the betterment of all.

Hippl’s services include:

>Medical writing and clinical editing
・Healthcare and well-being website content creation and management
・Wellness and lifestyle articles and blog posts
・Patient information leaflets and brochures
・Papers for peer-reviewed medical and social care publications
・Clinical decision-support product content and design
・Clinical guidelines, decision pathways and algorithms
・Healthcare e-learning content
・Health and well-being programme development.

>Graphic design
・Brand design and guidelines
・Flyers and promotional materials
・Product labels
・Pitch decks and presentations.

>Web design
・Responsive design and layout
・Wordpress, Cargo and Shopify
・Web animations.

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